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Choosing the right retainer for you! Part 1

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Hey guys,

So our Summer promotion is in full swing. An amazing €400 off your treatment hopefully put a smile on your faces. Make sure it is a clinic you are booking into when ringing for that free consultation.

We hear from a lot of people getting quoted upwards of €4,500- €5,000 for Invisalign- if you are quoted prices in this region it’s not a clearbraces clinic. We like to be very clear about our prices and that’s why we show them on our website. You may see similar money off promotions in other clinics but you will often notice they don’t show their prices on their websites so odds are your treatment will still be very expensive.

With Invisalign the more cases you treat the bigger discount they give you. As we are the largest suppliers of Invisalign in Ireland we get the biggest discount and choose to pass it onto you guys. So you are getting treatment at a great price with the most experienced providers in Ireland- it’s a win win!!

Our next couple of blog posts are going to give you some information on choosing the right retainer for you to hold your new smile in place. This week its the good old reliable the essix retainer!

Maintain your new smile!

It took time, energy  and investment on your part to create your new smile. To ensure it lasts you a life time the single most important thing after you have had orthodontics is your retainer!!

It has been proven that without retention aligned teeth can easily revert back to the position they were in previously. It can be like teeth have a memory and they want to drift back to where they were before. This is a common problem with all types of orthodontics hence why your retainer is so important.

So which retainer should you choose….

Firstly let us explain what a retainer is- A retainer is a fixed or removable dental appliance which has been custom-made to fit your teeth.  They can be made from transparent plastic or thin wires.

Option 1- Essix retainers (Included in your fee)

With we include 1 set of essix retainers in your treatment. When your teeth are fully aligned your dentist or lab technician will take an impression of your newly straightened teeth. They will then make your essix retainer for you, which are quite similar to invisalign- clear, removable & comfortable. They need to be worn full time for the first 6 months and then at night-time forever.

Forever sounds like a long time, but it’s not that hard to do once you are in the habit of wearing it. Simply brush your teeth before bed and pop it in…easy peasy!

The retainers will need to be replaced from time to time at a cost to yourself- most people would change them every 1- 2 years and they cost approx. €80-€150 depending on where you go.

*Top tip– Your retainer should just slot on at night-time with ease. If you ever put your retainer in and it feels very tight, go back to wearing it during the day as its likely this ‘tight feeling’ is because your teeth are starting to shift a little. Wearing it during the day will help stabilize your teeth again and then you can go back to just wearing it at night!

How to clean your essix retainer-

The same way as you clean your invisalign you clean your retainer- everytime you brush your teeth, brush your retainer (soft brush is best). There are also tablets that help clean them- pop a retainer brite in some water and leave your retainer soaking for approx. 20 mins then hey presto they should be like new and smelling fresh!!

As always hope you found this post useful, keep an eye out for our next post on fixed retainers!

Have a great day,

The team

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