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Claiming a tax refund for dental expenses

Claiming a tax refund for dental expenses

Claiming a Tax Refund For Dental Expenses


If you live in Ireland, you can claim tax relief for medical expenses under certain circumstances, and there are some very specific reasons why things are not claimable. Claiming a tax refund for dental expenses comes under the same criteria as other health treatments and the first thing you should know is that you cannot make a claim if:

  • If you have received, or are due to receive any amount from
  • a public or local authority such as the Health Service Authority (HSA)
  • If you have an insurance policy to cover medical and dental expenses
  • If you will receive money from any other source, such as compensation after an accident

Once you are sure that none of those situations apply to you then you can consider if the treatment you have means you can claim for a tax refund for dental expenses.

The Treatments You Cannot Claim A Tax Refund For Dental Expenses Against

Anything that is considered to be routine treatment cannot have a tax claim made for it. This includes fillings, scaling, cleaning, tooth extraction and the provision of new or the repairing of false teeth and dentures. All of these things are excluded from making a claim for a tax refund for dental expenses.

The Treatments You Can Make When Claiming A Tax Refund For Dental Expenses

There are several treatments you can make a claim for a tax refund for dental expenses and although the list below is not exhaustive, these treatments include:

  • Crowns that are fabricated outside of the mouth and are permanently cemented to an existing tooth.
  • Veneers/Rembrandt type etched fillings, which are a form of crown.
  • Tip replacing which is regarded as a crown if a large part of the tooth needs replacing and the replacement is made outside of the mouth.
  • Gold posts or fibreglass posts which are inserts in the nerve canal of a tooth to hold a crown.
  • Gold Inlays. These are a smaller version of a crown and the tax relief for dental expenses is only available if they are made outside of the mouth.
  • Root canal treatment as this involves the filling of the nerve canal rather than the filling of a tooth.
  • Periodontal treatment, such as root planning, which is the treatment of gum disease. Currettage and debridement is not part of root planning, but gum flaps are a gum treatment. Chrome Cobalt Splint if used in connection with periodontal treatment, but if it contains teeth, no relief is allowed. Implants which are carried out after gum disease treatment which included bone grafting or bone augmentation can be claimed for.
  • Orthodontic treatment, such as braces or anything similar.
  • The surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth. This can be carried out in a hospital or dental clinic. Because it is considered to be a surgical procedure rather than an extraction, a claim for a tax refund for dental expenses can be made.
  • Bridgework consisting of an enamel-retained bridge or a tooth-supported bridge is allowable.

How To Make A Claim For Tax Relief For Dental Expenses

To make a claim for tax relief for dental expenses, you will need a form MED2 from your dentist. You do not have to send it anywhere but need to keep it in your records in case Revenue decide to check your claim. It is basically a receipt for your dental treatment and most dentists carry a stock of them as they are often needed.

You then include the amount on your annual returns under the heading of Non-Routine Health Expenses.  If the treatment spans more than a one-year period, you should make a claim in the year you paid the money out and claim the balance the following year.

There is a time limit on making a claim for all types of health tax claims, which is four years.

Other Criteria When Claiming A tax Refund For Dental Expenses

You can make a claim for a tax refund for dental expenses for yourself, a family member, or anyone else as long as it is you that paid the bill.

The dental work must have been carried out or advised by a registered practitioner. If you need to check if your dentist is registered, you can do so at the Dental Council of Ireland site.

Claiming A Tax Refund For Dental Expenses For Invisalign

Invisalign comes under the heading of orthodontic treatment and it does qualify for tax relief for dental expenses.

More than that, it is a way of straightening your teeth without having to wear metal or ceramic braces. These types of braces put many people off having the treatment they need, but once they use Invisalign they are able to stop hiding their smiles. Invisalign retainers are virtually invisible and removable and will have been made to be a perfect fit for your mouth.

Before treatment starts, a 3D treatment plan is created that will show you just how beautiful your teeth will be after using each set of custom-made aligners.

Clearbraces are a group of dentists spread across Ireland. We are dedicated to providing Invisalign orthodontic treatments and our dentists are among the finest in the industry. With training of the highest quality, our dentists are at the forefront of Invisalign care in Ireland and they have the expertise and knowledge to make your tooth straightening experience as painless as possible. Technology in all sectors is moving forward very quickly and we make sure we always have the latest versions of whatever equipment we use.

If you would like to know more or have any questions you would like answered, give us a call on 1800 334353 in the Republic of Ireland or on 0044 8000 443226 in Northern Ireland. If you prefer to email us with your questions, the address is [email protected].

Stop hiding your smile, get tax relief for dental expenses with Clearbraces and Invisalign.

Want to learn more about how can help you? Phone 1800 33 43 53 or our Northern Ireland number on 0044 8000 44 3226. Lines are open 24 hours.


Claiming a tax refund for dental expenses

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