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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are retainers?

A retainer is a device you wear after your Invisalign treatment that helps prevent your teeth from moving after your Invisalign braces are removed and your treatment is complete. You will have an option of either a removable clear retainer or a fixed bonded retainer. It is just as important to maintain your new straight teeth as the straightening process, to ensure your teeth remain straight and do not move.

It is essential that you wear your retainers a minimum of 22 hours a day for the first six months after treatment and after that always wear them at night. If you decide to have a fixed retainer, you should wear a clear retainer as well for the first three months after treatment.

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Will I have a lisp?

This depends on the patient. Some patients do not get a lisp at all, whilst other patients will have a lisp for the first two to three days of treatment, while your mouth adjusts to the Invisalign brace. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Your mouth will adapt to the Invisalign brace but it is very helpful to practise speaking with an Invisalign brace. Singing to the radio and talking will help to make that lisp go away very quickly.

Here is a video from Lisa, Invisalign co-ordinator and previous wearer with some tips about lisps.

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What if I lose my aligner?

If you lose your aligner, do not worry. If you have just opened a new Invisalign pack within 3 days, wear your previous aligner and call your surgery as soon as possible.

If you are over 3 days into an Invisalign pack, open your next pack and see if it fits. If it does, then wear this aligner for an additional week, so you will be wearing it for three weeks in total as opposed to the normal 2.

Here is a video from Lisa, Invisalign co-ordinator and previous wearer with some tips about what to do if your aligner goes missing.

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Can I drink tea and coffee?

Yes you can. You can drink tea and coffee wearing an Invisalign aligner, so long as whatever you’re drinking is not too hot. Just be sure that once you get home, you brush your teeth and brush the aligners.

Also, if you are going out for a night, you can drink, but be sure to keep your retainers in, and once again be sure to brush your teeth and brush the aligners.

Here is a video from Lisa, Invisalign co-ordinator and previous wearer with some helpful advice about tea, coffee and nights out with Invisalign aligners.

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What is a ClinCheck?

Before your treatment begins, a virtual 3D plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan) will be created, showing how your teeth will move throughout the course of your treatment, so before you start wearing any aligners you will be able to see what the finished result will look like.

The ClinCheck© treatment plan begins with impressions taken of your teeth. These are sent to Invisalign along with dental records to create a 3D model of your teeth, showing how they will move throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Using the ClinCheck© treatment plan, a custom-made set of aligners is produced specifically for you to help you achieve exactly the smile you desire.

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