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Guest blog by Makeup artist Aimee Connolly

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Hello everybody!

I am one of the many people who have started their Invisalign journey with – in truth I am nearly finished so I thought I’d put a blog post together answering some of the most common questions I get and also to describe how it’s been for me.

Why did I choose
I was one of those bratty thirteen year olds who was adamant they weren’t getting braces as I thought I was too cool for them – don’t ask me why. Then to be honest years later when people who heard that I was getting clear braces initially they were a little confused as they didn’t think my teeth were that bad. If you looked at me from front profile they looked ok, but I had a big over bite which I hated to see in photos so my goal was to push these back and straighten out my lower teeth. Working as a makeup artist in this industry I come across so many people each day and a lot of models/clients etc were wearing Invisalign. I was so surprised as there were times where they had to tell me they were – I couldn’t even see them! That’s when I decided I’d take the plunge and go to a clearbraces clinic, the Invisalign looked so discreet and convenient so off I went for my consultation!

What happens at your consultation?
Firstly your consultation is free. The team at clearbraces are so so lovely and they have practices all over Ireland so you’re bound to find one near you for your convenience. I went to Chatham St. Dental Care, which is just off Grafton St. who are the most professional and loveliest bunch of people! At the consultation they assess your teeth – take photos and impressions etc to work out the process of your treatment. It was pain free – they were so friendly and they really made me feel confident about the journey ahead. Your aligners are made in America so it takes about 7/8 weeks before your treatment gets started!

How were your first few aligners? Were they painful?
When I put my very first aligner in I was surprised at how neat and compact it was. Naturally it felt strange as your mouth is adjusting to it. For the first two or three days it was slightly painful as you can imagine they’re putting a lot of pressure on your teeth and it’s the first time your teeth are experiencing this. I had to take one panadol on the second day and I was fine after that. Once those first 2/3 days of adjusting are over you really get used to it and excited that your brace process has started!

I’m wearing my Invisalign here in this pic…

Did you have a lisp?
I had a slight lisp initially – nothing that I was embarrassed about and certainly didn’t last for long! Some people I spoke to never got one so it really depends on the person.

What happens next?
So you keep an aligner is for 2 weeks and then you change. No, this does not mean that you go back to the dentist every two weeks – in fact they are so accommodating! Once you’re into your treatment at your checkup they will give you your next 4 aligners or thereabouts so you can limit your visits to every 2 months etc. I was away for a few weeks of the summer so they actually gave me an extra aligner so that I wouldn’t be short and booked me in on a different date that suited. Chatham St. couldn’t have been more helpful!

I have about 4 aligners to go – I have 19 in total and after these I will have my teeth whitened and polished off all complimentary in the initial price. It’s really obvious that both Clearbraces & Chatham St. want the best for you and your teeth and on your initial consultation they even do a general dental consultation to see if you need any fillings, cleaning etc just to make sure you’ve gotten the best service possible.

It’s crazy when I think about how much of ‘A Big Deal’ getting braces used to be, whereas now the Clear Braces are just on me, I change them every 2 weeks and sure nearly 7 months have passed!? Time absolutely flies, most people don’t even know I’m wearing them and I genuinely could not be more excited to see the end result. My one advice would be; if you have anything about your smile you’re not happy about – just go for a consultation! It’s free! And they’ll make you feel at ease about what you could do. I’ll update you guys when I am finished and how my teeth were before and after – I hope I have answered most of your questions but feel free to get in touch if not 🙂

Happy Smiling!

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