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Dr. Gerry Gaffney – Dr. Esselina Vassileva

Our dental clinic was started in the IFSC in 2004, by Dr Gerry Gaffney B.Dent Sc. IFSC Dental Care was established to look after the dental health of the people living and working in and around the IFSC. We now look after the dental care of over 5000 patients and the number of new patients joining our practice is growing daily.

Our success to date is based on our two fold philosophy:

1. To welcome people to our practice and care for them in a kind and friendly manner

2. To carry out our dental care to an extremely high level of professionalism.
Thus ensuring that each patient will be happy and satisfied with their treatment and will return to us in the future.

We hope that through our website you will gain a better understanding of dental care and that we can address concerns and questions you may have.

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