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Afternoon everyone….

Not long now to the long weekend…yipeee!! We have had a busy week filming our new advert, doing some routine  visits to our clinics and later today we are off to our Invisalign friend- Pippa O’Connor’s website launch (we won’t be doing too much work at that but we will post some pics so you can see what it was like)

This week we are giving you the answers to all of the questions we know are on peoples minds when they consider Invisalign with

Invisalign are a series of customised, removable, clear aligners. You change to a new aligner every 2 weeks. With each aligner being slightly different to the one previous they gradually move your teeth in stages as pre-determined by your treating doctor. You wear them for a minimum of 22 hours a day- you take them out to eat & to brush your teeth so no more unsightly issues of food being stuck in your braces!!

Invisalign can fix 96% of all orthodontic issues so can help with the mild issues right up to the more complicated ones.
As you change the Invisalign aligners yourself at home – appointments are much more flexible than fixed braces, which fit into the busy lifestyle a lot of us lead today! Appointments are regularly every 6- 8 weeks, where we check your progress and we then give you your next series of aligners. This process is repeated until the desired finished result is achieved.
There are no brackets and wires involved like fixed braces- so in general Invisalign are extremely comfortable in comparison.
With all types of braces- when your teeth are straight you will then need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position. Initially you need to wear this full time and then just at night-time.
A lot of our patients had braces in their teens- didn’t wear their retainer and are now back getting braces again!! So if you invest money in your smile, the biggest tip we can give you is WEAR YOUR RETAINER….

How much are Invisalign?
The average cost for Invisalign is €3950. Prices can go below this for very minor cases where the movement required is quite minor, but would very rarely go over this price.
The price for treatment on just 1 arch is approx. €3450 but your suitability for this would need to be assessed so as to avoid any issues with your bite(how your bottom and top teeth connect).
These prices are exclusive to clinics- other Invisalign providers on average cost a lot more. As we are the largest providers of Invisalign in Ireland we get a bigger discount from the company which we choose to pass onto our patients.

Where are our clinics located?
We have clinics nationwide- all of which you will easily get in.

How do I make an appointment?
Simple- call us on 1800 33 43 53 or email us on [email protected] and we will put you in contact with our clinic closest to you.

How much are our consultations?
Delighted to tell you we do not charge for our consultations- so it won’t cost you a thing to find out what your options your options.

  • Do we have payment plans?
    We do indeed- we have 3!
    • Pay in full and receive a 10% discount
     Interest free credit– Pay a €500 deposit and then a monthly standing order of approx. €200/€250 per month until the balance is paid off.
    • 2 stage payment plan– pay €2000 at the start and the balance in 6 months.

What’s included in the price?
Our price includes everything-
• All your Invisalign appointments
• Removable retainers at the end of treatment.
• Take home whitening to brighten your new smile
• A patient dvd- with your “clincheck” (A 3D model of your teeth showing your teeth move from start to finish) and also your before photos so you can track your progress.

Hope you found this information useful..

Have a great evening and enjoy the long weekend..xx

The team.

Want to learn more about how can help you? Phone 1800 33 43 53 or our Northern Ireland number on 0044 8000 44 3226. Lines are open 24 hours.


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