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So you have lost your aligner….what do you do next?!?!

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Hi everyone,

Things happen and losing your Invisalign aligner can be one of them. So your aligner cases that we give you can be your best friend whilst you’re in treatment to keep them safe when you remove them to eat or brush your teeth.

Believe us we have heard all types of stories from our patients over the years from the dog chewing it, to the aligner being thrown in the fire to leaving it in the hotel on holidays.

Here is what you need to do if any of these things should happen to you.

  • As a precaution always keep the previous aligner to the one you are wearing. It is so important that you always have something on your teeth, if you don’t wear anything for a period of time your teeth can begin to drift. By keeping your previous aligner, you will always have something to go back to, to avoid any movement.
  • Contact your clinic straight away for advice on what you should do next.
  • If you have been wearing the “lost aligner” for approx a week you may be able to proceed onto your next aligner. Check with your clinic to see if this is okay.
  • If you haven’t worn the “lost aligner” and you were due to move onto it next, your clinic may need to order you another one from Invisalign. There is usually a replacement fee for this unfortunately as Invisalign charge to remake them.
  • If it is your retainer that you have lost that keeps your teeth in position after treatment-call your clinic for advice and get it replaced as soon as possible, otherwise you will be at risk of your teeth moving.

So our top tip to avoid any disruption or extra cost is MIND your aligners!!

  • Your aligner case should go everywhere with you.
  • Avoid wrapping the aligner in a napkin when you are eating- so easy to forget it’s there or for to be thrown away!


Have a great day!

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