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Ten common questions about Invisalign

  1.  How much does Invisalign cost ? offer the Invisalign full for €3,495 to €4,095. The cost will depend on if you are having one arch treated or both arches. The initial consultation is free and you will be given an exact quote on the day.
  2.  What exactly is included in the Cost?
    All your appointments, one set of essix retainers after treatment and teeth whitening. Fillings, extractions or cleanings are not included in this price as this is general dental work separate from the Invisalign treatment.
  3.  How long will my treatment be?
    The average time is 9-18 months but this can vary. Each case is unique and will require an individual assessment to determine the length of the treatment.
  4.  Will my teeth stay straight forever?
    Retention protocols are highlighted at the start of every treatment. Your teeth are always moving so it is important that you wear your retainer’s night-time for ever after you finish your treatment to prevent relapse, this is the same with every form of orthodontics.
  5.  Can people see my aligners?
    Most people don’t notice if you are wearing aligners. There are small tooth coloured attachments on some teeth which be slightly more noticeable, however these vary between patient to patient which teeth these attachments are on. Invisalign is the most discreet form of teeth straightening available as the aligners are clear and they have no brackets or wires.
  6.  Can I remove my aligners?
    Yes. You take your aligners out to eat and then put them back in. You cannot eat whilst the aligners are in. They do need to be worn 22hrs a day minimum in order to effectively move the teeth. Leaving them out for long hours at a time will lengthen treatment times.
  7.  Are the aligners comfortable to wear?
    Yes. Initially, the first week the teeth can be a bit uncomfortable, however this settles after a few days.
  8.  Are there any costs if I loose my aligners?
    There may be a lab fee if you loose aligners. You will need to contact your closest Invisalign practice with regards to their policy with regards to this. We supply cases to keep your aligners safe while you are in treatment.
  9.  Do I brush my teeth every time I remove/insert my Aligners ?
    To keep your teeth healthy it is important to brush if possible every time you insert/remove to prevent food packing with the aligners in.
  10.  What happens at the end of treatment
    When you and your dentist are both happy with the alignment, you will be assessed whether you will be suitable for the bonded retainer. This is a wire on the inside of your front teeth which helps to hold the teeth in place and prevent relapse. This is not included in the cost of Invisalign as not everyone is suitable for this. These are 150E per arch if you are suitable. You will also get your set of essix retainers to hold the teeth in place and this is included in the cost.

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