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The Invisalign journey with / Part 1

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The Invisalign journey

Part 1.
Here is what you can expect when you begin your Invisalign treatment with
The first step is coming into us for your free consultation.
An easy appointment & nothing to be worried or nervous about, it’s more like a chat to get all the information you will need to make an informed decision on the best brace to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

At this appointment you will be assessed for your suitability (96% of people are suitable) for Invisalign and you will also be given your quote and information on our payment plans.
Details of what is involved in the process will also be discussed with you so you are fully informed about what’s involved with wearing Invisalign.
They are a series of customised removable aligners that are almost invisible (like a clear retainer) and are much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces as there are no brackets and wires involved.

The most visible thing about them are what’s called ‘attachments’ which work the same way a bracket would work in traditional braces. They are tooth coloured and can be placed on any of your teeth & are there to help with certain movements & to also help anchor the aligner onto your teeth.
They are made from the same material as a white filling so don’t harm your teeth or leave marks on them like brackets can after treatment. They will stay on for the duration of your treatment and come off at the end.

Interproximal Reduction- The need for ‘IPR’ if you have overcrowding will also be discussed. As Invisalign prefer to avoid taking any teeth out to gain space, they may need to carry out some ‘ipr’ between certain teeth.

This is a small amount of filing in between the contacts of your teeth. It is well within safe limits and doesn’t harm the enamel (the spaces will close as your teeth straighten) – routinely it is 0.2 or 0.3 of a millimeter if you can imagine how small that is!

The need for retainers post orthodontic treatment is also important to know about. With all braces you will need to wear an essix retainer full time for the initial few months after your teeth have been straightened to allow your teeth to stabilize in their new position. After this ‘settling period’ you will then need to wear them at night-time forever. If you don’t follow this advice your teeth can move.
There is also an added option of going for a permanent retainer which is a thin wire glued to the back of your front 6 teeth. This is an extra €150 per jaw- we don’t include this in your overall fee as not everyone is suitable for them, as it depends on your bite at the end of your treatment. You will still need to wear a removable retainer but the timeframe is a lot less.
We do include 1 set of the removable retainers. These will need to be replaced from time to time- approx. every 1-2 years and cost approx. €80-€150 depending on where you go, any local laboratory can make these for you or you can return to your clinic.

Hope you found this useful, keep an eye out for Part 2 next week- let us know if you have any questions…..
Have a great day!!
The team

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