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The Invisalign journey with Part 2 !

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Hi Everyone,
Well finally we are getting a bit of Summer weather- hope you are all enjoying it!There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift everyone’s spirits…

Did you watch Little Kiva’s new video about her treatment with us??? She’s a super talented make-up artist and youtuber and such a pleasure to treat.

This week we have the 2nd installment of what you can expect when you set on the Invisalign journey with us.

The 2nd stage if you to decide to proceed with Invisalign is your impressions, photographs & xrays.

This can be done at your consultation appointment or you can return on another day if you prefer.
We will set up your payment options at this appointment and it then takes approx. 8 weeks for your treatment to be planned, your aligners to be manufactured and to be shipped back to your clinic.

The 3rd stage is the appointment when your aligners are fitted.
The attachments will be placed, ‘ipr’ will be done if needed and you will be given your first few sets of aligners. You can view your clincheck at this appointment- which is a 3d computer graphic of your teeth and you will see them move from start to finish, we also put this on a dvd for you so you can bring it home(Great motivation).
You wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day and only take them out to eat and to brush your teeth. You change the aligners yourself every 2 weeks and we routinely give enough aligners for 6-8 weeks, after this you will need to return to your clinic for a check up on how the teeth are progressing and to get your next set of aligners. This process is repeated until you reach the end of all of your aligners.

At the end of your aligners you will return to your dentist to see if you are ready to finish.
If you and your dentist are happy to finish, we will arrange for your attachments to be taken off, the levels of your teeth to be beveled (smoothed down) and organise whichever retainer you opt for.
If you are not completely happy with the result or your dentist thinks something can be improved upon, your attachments will be taken off and we will take new impressions for more aligners to be made. This doesn’t cost any extra- we keep going until you are happy.

Hope you found this useful- let us know if you have any questions.
Have a great day!
The team

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