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The Pros and Cons of Invisalign Compared to Metal and Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces

There are several different types of braces available if your teeth need straightening, and they all have their pros and cons. The main ones are ceramic, metal and Invisalign and here we will be discussing the pros and cons of all three.

How Visible are Ceramic Braces Compared to The Others?

Invisalign is the most discreet of the three options as it is clear and virtually invisible. Ceramic braces come in various colours and can be made in clear materials or a colour to match your teeth. Metal braces are either grey or silver in colour depending on what metal is used and are the most visible of the three choices.

The Invisalign system has become one of the most popular choices as they are transparent, custom made, removable, and no wires are needed to attach them. As they are removable, things such as eating and cleaning your teeth are much simpler than with metal or ceramic braces fitted.

 Which is the Most Effective?

Ceramic braces will move your teeth faster than Invisalign, but the difference is not great, and it does depend on how severe the misalignment is. Metal braces will move your teether quicker than the other two options because more pressure can be applied with them.

Metal and ceramic braces are bonded to your teeth and wires are attached. The wires put the pressure needed to the brackets allowing movement of your teeth. Invisalign is not a fixed brace and might not be suitable for severe cases of malocclusion. This is a crooked bite that is often inherited but can also be caused by other issues such as a cleft lip and palate. It is also thought that letting a child use a pacifier after three years of age, or prolonging the use of bottles to feed them stops the jaw developing properly and this can be another cause of malocclusion.

Are They Durable?

By the nature of the materials they are constructed from, metal braces are the most durable, but that does not mean that ceramic braces are not long lasting too. Of course, with Invisalign durability is not an issue as you are changing the aligner you are wearing on a regular basis as your teeth start to move.

Ceramic braces are likely to need replacing more often than metal braces as they do break more easily and will sometimes chip or crack. This is typically because metal can withstand more pressure than ceramics.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Your oral hygiene routine should always be the same whether you have braces, aligners, or do not need any of them. You should brush and floss your teeth after every meal as this will help to remove any food residue that might cause staining or cause decay.

Avoid foods and drinks that create staining or discolouration as these will make your teeth harder to keep clean and looking good. Tea, coffee and red wine are among the worst offenders, but also tomatoes. ketchup, mustard, strawberries, blackberries and usually anything else that is naturally dark in colour will stain your teeth. It is a good idea to drink some water if you eat or drink anything staining as this will help to reduce the discolouring effects of them.

Tobacco products will stain your teeth and your braces, so avoid smoking to stop your teeth from yellowing.

If your teeth or braces do start to stain, avoid using whitening toothpastes. Using these can mean that the exposed part of your teeth will become whiter than the teeth underneath the braces and that effect is not good when the braces are removed. If you have ceramic braces and they start to stain, you should visit your orthodontist so that they can replace the stained ones.


Metal braces are the cheapest option but then you must be prepared for the fact they are very visible. Ceramic braces and Invisalign are more expensive, but they are far less apparent. If you are bothered about the way you look, the fact that metal braces are the cheapest will not be a consideration, as the cost saving is not great enough to let yourself become stressed because of your appearance.

The cost can also be affected by the condition of your teeth and what treatment is needed. As a rough guide, metal braces will cost around 3000–4000 euros, but that can be altered by the full treatment plan you need. Most dentists have some sort of payment plan in place to help you with these costs, or some people may have insurance that covers the expense.

What you should not do is ignore the problem because you are concerned about the cost, as the longer it is left, the worse it will get and the more expensive it will become to treat.

Choosing the Right One

Although each type of tooth straightening treatment has its pros and cons, you may have no choice about which the best for you is. You need to speak to our experts at Clearbraces who will be able to advise you about which of the treatments and brace types will be the most suitable for your situation. Over the last few years, all three types of tooth aligning treatment have been greatly improved, especially Invisalign, which can now be used to treat many more issues than just a few short years ago. We only use the most up to date and modern materials and technology in all our treatments so that you can be sure you are receiving the best advice and care available.

If you think you may have some crooked teeth, gaps you would prefer not to have, or some teeth that are protruding, why not call us on 1800 3343 53 and arrange to see one of out experts to get your teeth sorted and make your smile beautiful once more.

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