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What is dental insurance?

dental insurance

Dental bills can be expensive. Many people avoid going to the dentist until the last minute because they could be faced with a bill they could do without. This can mean people live with problems longer than they should, reducing their quality of life and allowing the problem to worsen before seeking help. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Dental insurance can help take the fear of the large bill away, allowing you to visit your dentist at the first sign of a problem.

Is dental insurance expensive?

How much your dental insurance costs will depend on your situation, but cover can start from around twenty euros per month. Just like with any type of insurance, more comprehensive cover will usually cost you more each month. It can work out cheaper to get a family plan that covers some of your kids dental treatments too.

What does dental insurance cover?

Basic dental insurance will usually cover the cost of check-ups, fillings, cleaning, most x-rays, and all basic services. Some policies pay a percentage towards more costly procedures, such as crowns and dentures. More comprehensive insurance may also include orthodontics, cover for the treatment of oral cancer, and the cost of implants as a result of an accident.

Insurance companies will clearly state what is covered and what isn’t in the policy documents, so read them carefully so you’re aware of what you can claim for, so you don’t end up with an unexpected bill.

Am I covered from day one?

Some policies will cover basic items from the start, but there may be a waiting period before you’re covered for more costly procedures. Other policies will have a waiting period of a few months for all treatments except preventative ones. The waiting period can vary between three months to a year, depending on the individual policy. As with ‘What does dental insurance cover’ above, any waiting period will be clearly stated in your policy document.

Some policies have staggered cover over time, covering fifty or seventy percent of treatment for a period until you’ve had the policy for the required amount of time. Some also offer loyalty bonuses the longer you’re with them.

However, some policies will provide full cover from day one if you’re switching from another company, so there is no break in your dental insurance cover.

Do I have to pay first then claim it back?

This can vary from policy to policy. Some will pay the dentist directly, while others will pay you back for any costs incurred. If you’re unsure how your policy works, ask the company that provides your cover to clarify how they pay.

Are there any other benefits to dental insurance?

Some dental insurance policies offer a range of other benefits. For example, there are limits to the amount you can claim for any particular treatment in a twelve-month period, but after you’ve been paying into a policy for a year or two, some companies increase the amount you can claim. Your loyalty can be rewarded further the longer you stay with them.

Some policies also offer significant discounts on treatments not usually covered by dental insurance, such as Vhi insurance that currently offers a five-hundred-euro discount on Invisalign through

What if I’m pregnant?

It’s even more crucial to have access to dental treatment when your pregnant. The changes to your blood flow and hormone levels can make your body react differently to plaque and make you more susceptible to bacteria. Morning sickness can also increase the level of acid in your mouth, weakening tooth enamel. Because of these additional factors, some policies will offer you cover for additional treatment when you’re pregnant.

Can I change my level of cover?

Yes. You can change your level of cover while part way through a policy, or when your annual renewal comes around. Depending on the changes, there may still be a qualification period for new treatments that have been added to your cover.

Is Invisalign covered by my dental insurance?

Most comprehensive dental insurance policies will have an amount of cover for orthodontics. This is usually a set amount that is rarely enough to cover any type of orthodontic appliance. Instead, it’s more of a contribution towards any orthodontics needed. have a five-hundred-euro discount in place for customers with dental insurance from Vhi. You can find out more information on this special offer on our website.

If you want Invisalign

Whether you have dental insurance that offers you a discount or not, is the best place in Ireland for Invisalign. is an amalgamation of 24 dental clinics spread all over Ireland, allowing us to serve you wherever you live. Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular form of orthodontic treatment, and our dental clinics are perfectly placed to serve the growing demand for this type of treatment.

What is Invisalign?

The popularity of Invisalign is partly due to the fact it’s virtually invisible, unlike traditional braces and aligners. You are fitted with a clear custom-built aligner designed to straighten your teeth. Over time, usually a couple of weeks, you’ll teeth will move, and your aligner is changed for another one designed to continue the process of your teeth moving in the right direction. Over a period of months your teeth will be moved to the desired position. This is achieved by using the latest computer modelling software to create a bespoke series of aligners to move your teeth to the desired positions.

Invisalign also makes it easier to perform your normal daily oral hygiene routine, as the aligners are easy to remove while cleaning or eating, then put back in afterwards.

Should I get dental insurance?

Dental insurance can be a great way to avoid many of the costs associated with dentistry and offset some of the bigger costs that can lead to huge bills from your dental practice. It gives you peace of mind, knowing you and your family are covered in an emergency.

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